Wake the F Up


Mike Whiter: Chalice Festival, Beard Bros and a phone call from Dr.Roman

July 30, 2017

Wow this ended up being an insane podcast. Mike has always been an awesome guest to have on. He is very knowledgeable in the world of cannabis and Act-16. Mike as you know has made a huge impact in Philadelphia's cannabis community. He has been speaking up for a plant that he uses as medicine for 6 years now. He was involved in the decrim bill that was passed just 2 years ago. Mike is now speaking up about doctors that are missrepresenting themselves on their websites claiming they are cannabis doctors and experts. The problem with this is that ACT16 has not started yet. Doctors as of July 26th 2017 are now able to register and take the 4 hour class to be able to prescribe medical cannabis to a patient. One Dr in particular , Dr. Matthew Roman was charging people in Philadelphia 200-300 dollars for an initial vist and 100 for follow us. He was giving a false promise of putting a patient in the front of the line to receive a card once the state issued them. Not only is this illegal it is highly unethical to make such claims and take people's money. At minute 49:40 Dr Roman was obviously watching the live facebook feed  and decided it was a good time to call in and interupt my podcast to talk to Mike. This made for a very interesting podcast and I think you will enjoy this episode. Thanks again to the Wrecking Crew! You guys are the best.