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(LIVE) 5th Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival-Shane Jones AKA “SeRf”

July 25, 2017

In Philadelphia on a hot summer day 2016, there sits a man at 20th an Market on the sizzling sidewalk furiously smeering thick globs of paint onto a canvas with his thumb. Surrounded by his other pieces of art.  I stop and notice Yoda! I did a double take. This was a badass piece. I had to have it. From then on we spoke weekly about authors, painters and philosophy. That September I invited him to be a guest on the podcast. He was into it but very standoffish and cautious. Fast forward to May 2017. I sent out the second invite with a catch, He would have to do this at the 5th Annual Podcast Festival.  He said "Fuck it let's do it!"  Shane joined me for the Festival and it couldn't have gone better. I let him have the floor. Shane was an amazing guest and the audiance really appreaciated the show.  Take a listen here. 



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